Saturday, May 24, 2014

Melur & Thyme

This post was supposed to upload last week but for some reason (obviously procrastination), I delayed it until today, it was a working Monday and when I needed a day off so I asked whether some of my friends can accompany me and together, we took a day off to KLCC for a day, it was near lunch when we reached so let’s try something different this time!

We spotted this restaurant named Melur & Thyme when we are browsing through some selection near the digital directory portal or machine, The restaurant name, “Melur & Thyme”, I thought the word “Melur” is a Malay word which means “Jasmine”, wouldn’t supposed to be “Jasmine & Thyme” there must be a solid reason behind this? Check their official website for the reason is what everyone would do.

It turns out that this restaurant is aiming in offering a mixture of East and West culture I guess? Having a traditional processes and experiences while adding an air of modern elegance. That explains why the word “Melur” as East and “Thyme” as West is used together, like Yin and yang I supposed?

The restaurant is crowded during lunch hour, the waiters and waitress are moving in and out from the counter, we manage to get ourselves a table luckily after a few minutes of standing at the waiting area.  As we were ordering, there are some of the dishes there is unavailable, not sure why, most of the dessert section are unavailable, so we only left with mains courses and a slight disappointment.

This is what we had ordered:


  • Grilled herb chicken (RM 29.00) – Boneless chicken breast marinated with thyme and spices, sous vide to perfection and served with vegetables, mash potato, cilantro garlic oil and thyme sauce
  • Carbonara with smoked duck (28.00) ­– Traditional rich creamy carbonara sauce with duck eggs blanketing spinach tagliatelle and topped with juicy slice of smoked duck
  • Plancha seafood spaghetti (RM 37.00) – Pasta cooked with homemade plancha sauce, served with grilled prawn and flower crab
*government tax and service charges are not included for the above prices.

The food we ordered were all western cuisine this time because my friend preferred having western cuisine but having a glance through their menu, they do serve Nasi Lemak, Hokkien Mee, Curry mee and other famous Eastern cuisine available in Malaysia too.

The architecture here is one of the thing worth mentionable, as I search online; the interior designer who did this is the same person who involved in designing the ABC (ACME Bar & Coffee) interior, modern and a soft touch of old western style in my opinion. 

The design of the lights along the wall reminds me of the oil lamp where there is a silver metal plate behind the lights

The bartender place, there is some silver lining art on the wall it only appear when there are lights there to be reflect, the ceiling has an bevel metal decoration, cool.

As you look around you might notice a white marble wall with a black metal line in creating a feeling of a sketch or doodle from a pen on paper, the whole feeling is to achieve an illusion of a spacious space, again it reminds me of the old Chinese coffee shop where they place a huge mirror at the end of their shop.

Not long of waiting our food is served actually is way faster than our drinks

Carbonara smoked duck, by the looks of it I like the texture of the duck meat, the rough surface from the meat kept me continuing chewing. The Carbonara as usual, it was creamy accompany with the tagliatelle, an Italian flat type of pasta. There are 2 thin slice of bread, it was crispy when bite.

I personally like this dish; I like the after grilled texture from the outer skin of the chicken, and the breast part is what I liked as well. With the thyme as their main ingredient here the overall chicken taste lemony with slight peppery mix with other spices the taste was pretty tempting.

Crispy flower crab which you can just eat with its shell, this dish was normal, just prawns and crabs with spaghetti and their homemade sauce.

Melur & Thyme, having the combination of East and West cuisine located within one of the entrance of KLCC is indeed had a catchy name, they would have name it all in English “Jasmine & Thyme” but to be consistent on what their restaurant’s purpose which is the mixture of East and West, they dare to make the choice in naming it “Melur” which means “Jasmine” in Malay language. 

Food  7/10
Price 6/10
Presentation 7/10
Environment 8/10

Below are the details of the restaurant.
Melur & Thyme, 
G03H-I Level Ground, Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Tel        : +603 - 2181 8001
Fax       : 03 - 2181 8002

Opening Hours
8:00AM to 10:00PM
7 days a week
Open on public holidays

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