Monday, April 21, 2014

ABC - Acme Bar and Coffee

Hi everyone how was your last weekend going? In this post, I will be introducing a place for you all where you can indulge yourself in between the retro and modern themed restaurant with light jazzy music while having a good time with friends and families. Read on guys!

It was a nice Sunday morning, my friend and I was looking for a nice place to not just to have lunch but to stay there for some time. So we discovered this place called ABC as known as Acme Bar and Coffee, my friend went there before and he suggested me to do a booking before going as it will be very crowded on weekend. So after I done with the booking around 9.15AM (the restaurant open for business at 9.30AM) for 1PM lunch, we start our journey around 11.30AM.

We reached our destination around 12.30PM, as what my friend would have thought, the place was crazy crowded with people.

The weather has changed slightly cloudy, so the outside part of the seats is not seated that day.

It would be a waste I thought because if the weather is sunny the outside part seems to be a nice place to have both warm sunlight and the natural breeze from the wind.
So as we wait for the booked time, I went and shot some photos around the place.

I noticed the reception table has some fake plants and some random decorations, the butterfly is fake as well for those who concern.

Look at the waiting list in the book, it was full of names and numbers, I noticed their phone rings are very old-fashioned ring, so I went closer to have a look, well it really is an old-fashioned phone, I thought it suits the interior design as a whole.

Thanks to the natural sunlight, the place looks elegantly beautiful and classy.

We have our seat and we start to order:

  • Sea Bass Fruitere (RM 41.00) – Pan seared sea bass, anjou pears, cranberry chutney, citrus cilantro, salmon roe and sea salt.
  • Moroccan Pineapple Chicken Breast (RM 39.00) – Grilled chicken breast with chick peas, French beans, barley mushroom ragout.
  • Grilled “Bacon” Wrapped Snails (RM 25.00) – With coco beans and parsley garlic sauce wrapped in duck bacon.
*government tax and service charges are not included for the above prices.

I was going to have seafood as my lunch so I thought I would order a side dish I did not try before the bacon wrapped snails.

After we ordered we are served with plain water and I like where we seated, I have this view just in front of me, where the right side has a nice sunlight shines through and on the left side has a nice dim lighted section.

For those who likes dessert (especially ladies), you may find your likings near the barista section, thank me later ladies.

Lovely colors

Every table has this cute pretty cup of fake flowers nice to see because it is colorful, oh besides that I also found that their coaster has nice design as well.

After 15 minutes and more of waiting finally we have our food served!

Nice coaster design!

Mine one would the Sea Bass, for your information Sea bass is a type of fish, the term bass shared by wide range of species of fish, anyway this dish is cook with a lot of fruits as seen in the description, hence the word “fruitere” is at the back of the name of the dish.

Sea bass fruitere

My first bite at the fish, it was slightly fine, it does not have the sweet and freshness taste of the sea but it did not has the fishy taste as well, so it was just ok. The fruit dressing is mostly sweet and slightly sour, the reason might because of the combination of cranberry and citrus cilantro, and oh if you look closely they have the salmon roe on top of the sea bass.

I asked my friend about his food

Salmon roe on top

Moroccan pineapple chicken breast

The Moroccan Pineapple Chicken Breast, you may already smell its spice in your nose before you start to enjoy, however when you have it in your mouth, it somehow near to the state of tasteless, the dressing is nice, the barley mushroom mix with the French beans has the right essence for me. For my friend it is kind of a letdown for him.

Following up is the sides I ordered, I took a few sip of the sauce made with parsley garlic, it was slightly tasteless despite how the color is vivid to our eyes. Next, I tried the bacon wrapped snail, the taste of the bacon is tasty as usual, but the snail is tasteless as well, I do not know whether it is supposed to be like this or did I miss something important here. Do let me know if I ever missed something, thanks in advance.

To be honestly, I like the place and environment, it was really a good place for leisure time with families and friends, just that the food we ordered does not taste strong. If you all need to visit this restaurant on weekend, I suggest you all to make a book first.

  • Food 5/10
  • Price 8/10
  • Presentation 9/10
  • Environment 9/10

Below are the details of the restaurant.
Unit G1 The Troika,
19 Persiaran KLCC,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

For reservations, please call +603 2162 2288.

Operating hours:
Monday to Thursday: 11AM to 12AM
Friday: 11AM to 1AM
Saturday: 9.30AM to 1AM
Sunday: 9.30AM to 12AM
 *Breakfast served on Saturday and Sunday from 9.30AM to 5PM.

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